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How to use Waves Keeper to protect your cryptocurrency

WavesKeeper, a web service that uses blockchain technology, is an extension that allows you to access the Waves blockchain. You can also use this service to manage your accounts. WavesKeeper is a secure way to manage your cryptocurrency. It also provides access to blockchain-powered web service.

To securely store your keys, you can use The Waves Keeper App. If you’re looking to use the Waves Keeper, you need to first install the application. Then you need to create your account, and give it a unique identifier. Next, you will need to generate the “seed phrase”, which is a passphrase to your account. You can import or create multiple accounts from your device. You will need the username, password, and e-mail address to create a new account. You can then sign transactions once you have completed the above steps. This way, you can easily sign transactions without providing any sensitive information. You can use this tool to sign transactions, and to view the transaction details and its source. You can review the transaction details and either accept or reject the transaction.


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