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New Chrome Extension: Cryptocurrency and Token

This is a token and cryptocurrency application. It comes with a free trial. You can subscribe to this application to get more features.

You can get data about different cryptocurrencies (ICOs, STOs, Btci, Erc20, etc.)

What is the secret to it?

It functions as any other app that makes public information about cryptocurrency. It has its own price database that includes all tokens and coins. This means that the app can know if there have been no price changes and it will also know if any coin prices are not available. The screen will update any coin prices that have been updated.

What’s the app doing?

It is a very simple application.

It can show you all of the information regarding a particular coin. This is a feature that users love the most. The app offers the ability to access the detailed source information for a particular coin that has been registered.

You can subscribe to gain access to more features


App specs